Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A brain teaser?

For today's post I'm taking a different tact, and  presenting a situation we're facing this week, to see what ideas you can provide. I'm visiting two clients in Boston over a three-day period, and then a third in Chicago. Here's my itinerary:
  • Monday morning: Departed Newark for Boston
  • Monday: Visited Client A to conduct a pre-GIPS(R) verification
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Visiting Client B to conduct a non-GIPS verification
  • Wednesday night: Flying from Boston to Chicago
  • Thursday: Visiting Client C to review their operation
  • Thursday night: Return to Newark from Chicago
And so, there are three legs to the flying: from Newark to Boston, from Boston to Chicago, and from Chicago to Newark. Some salient points:
  • Living in New Jersey, I typically fly out of Newark
  • Each client has agreed to reimburse us for travel
  • The total cost for the airfare is $710.10.
And so, how do we allocate the travel equitably across all three clients? I believe I have identified the best answer, and will share it on Friday. In the mean time, if you'd like to, reflect on it yourself and feel free to post it as a comment, or send your answer directly to me. Thanks!

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