Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's official! GIPS 2010 released

The CFA Institute announced the release of the newest version of the Global Investment Performance Standards: GIPS 2010.

We recommend you get a copy of the new GIPS(R) standards and begin to familiarize yourself with it, as there are loads of changes you'll need to be aware of. We will continue to address changes, both in this blog and in our newsletter. In addition, John Simpson and I will be speaking on the changes at various venues in the coming months.


  1. Thanks, I was wondering when these were coming out in hard copy.

  2. I suspect that the GIPS Handbook won't be out until third or fourth quarter, as a GREAT deal of review is needed.

  3. I have a dissatisfication to the new defintiion for prospective client. To whom at GIPS could I express my comments to? Could you provide email or mailing address on this matter?

    Also, I just found out that Vincent Performance encourages early adoption, which is fine by me. However, I know on your blog and the GIPS call encourages to hold off on adopting the 2010 guidances. Could you comment on this matter again?

  4. I addressed the subject of early adoption on February 9 I wouldn't say that during the January 29 call early adoption was discouraged; rather, in response to my question Jonathan Boersma said that firms could ADD something new but couldn't REMOVE something unless they are fully compliant. We support early adoption, but one has to be a bit careful. You'll see that the newly released standards do not address early adoption as the 2005 version did; however, I have it on good authority that early adoption is, in fact, encouraged. Hopefully some clarification, in addition to what I've provided, will be forthcoming.

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