Friday, January 29, 2010

A call for volunteers...

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS(R)) Nominations Committee is seeking volunteers to serve on the GIPS Executive Committee. The GIPS Executive Committee is a nine-member committee that serves as the decision-making authority for the development, interpretation, and promotion the GIPS standards. The GIPS Executive Committee is seeking nominees to serve as chair of the Investment Manager Subcommittee and to represent that constituency within the GIPS Executive Committee. Volunteers must have investment performance measurement and/or evaluation experience, knowledge of the GIPS standards, and the ability to represent the investment manager community of the investment industry. The Investment Manager Subcommittee acts as a forum for investment management firms regarding issues related to the consistent application of the GIPS standards and the identification issues that need further guidance and interpretation.

For more information, please see this month's GIPS Newsletter.


  1. investments come in various forms. the usual thought that comes to mind though is usually about stocks and equities. let's for a moment though expand the definition and scope of the term.

  2. By no means are we limiting the term's definition. Just as GIPS itself deals directly with private equity and real estate, there is not attempt to limit what "investments" refers to. In fact, with GIPS 2010, there's a clear recognition that the term can be broadened quite a bit.


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