Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That which gets measured, gets improved ... or maybe not

I have to thank my lovely daughter-in-law, Monica, for providing this photo to me. 

Consider this, a "fun" post.

I was in the Army for almost five years, and stationed for 39 months with the 25th Infantry Division (Oahu, Hawaii; I was a Field Artillery officer). Granted, this tour was quite a hardship, but I managed to survive (along with my bride, Betty, who accompanied me). 

Shortly after we arrived, I met the "Fort DeRussey beach officer," another 2LT (second lieutenant). Ft. DeRussey is an "army beach," that occupies a great spot along Waikiki beach in Honolulu (shortly before we left the island, a beautiful high rise hotel was built; Betty and I stayed there our last few days). Ft. DeRussey is a beach where many a military person spent their "R&R" (rest and recuperation).

I thought "what a great job THAT would be!" Well, as it turned out, it wasn't such a good job, as this guy got passed over for 1LT (virtually unheard of; such a promotion is usually considered an "automatic!"). 

But when I saw this photo, I realized that THIS would be the career choice I would have made.

Okay, so perhaps I'm jesting ... just a bit. But it's interesting how we are prepared to measure just about anything.

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