Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lots to celebrate!

Last night The Spaulding Group held a dinner, at which we celebrated anniversaries, accomplishments, and an announcement.

Chris Spaulding, my older son and our firm's EVP (Strategy & Business Development) has been with our firm for 10 years (as of last December; we're a bit tardy on recognizing this event); Douglas Spaulding, my younger son and a firm VP and Editor of The Journal of Performance Measurement(r) reached his 10 year mark this month; and Patrick Fowler, our firm's COO, will mark 15 years next month! 

As for accomplishments, Doug was recognized for earning his MFA in Creative Writing and Jessica Laffey, a Production Assistant, earned her Bachelors Degree. A surprise acknowledgement (for me) was that I was recognized for my earning my doctorate, which I will do in August (I "walk" tomorrow!).

Patrick, Chris and Jaime Puerschner (a company VP and our Event Coordinator) were recognized for the great job they've done in preparing for this year's PMAR Conferences, which will have record attendances. And Jaime was also recognized for coming up with the creative theme for next year's conferences ("Casino Royale").

Finally, the big news of the night was the elevation of Patrick Fowler to the position of President. As noted above, Patrick has been with our firm for 15 years. He was promoted to Chief Operating Officer two years ago. He has accomplished a great deal for our firm, is a huge contributor to our success, and is a dedicated member of our team; this promotion is well deserved. A press release will go out later today.


  1. Stephen Campisi, CFAMay 14, 2013 at 7:25 PM

    It is my honor to be the first on this blog to congratulate Patrick Fowler on his appointment as President of The Spaulding Group. I have long admired Patrick for his integrity, initiative, enthusiasm and his sense of loyalty. In my thirty years in the investment industry, there are few I hold in as high regard as I hold Patrick. I am delighted at this happy news and offer my heartfelt congratulations.


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