Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bold predictions about the future can be haunting

Dippin' Dots' claim of being the "ice cream of the future" appears to have been a bit aggressive, as it declared for bankruptcy.

Granted, this bold statement was merely their tag line, and perhaps some could foresee ice cream actually universally becoming like their product (I only tried it once, and that was enough for me), but it's still risky to be so confident about what lay ahead.

Perhaps this can serve as a metaphor for similar offerings of what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. How sad. Yes, dippin dots was just a fad. haha. on a semi related note, what do you think about investing in NetFlix? (ticker symbol NFLX on the NASDAQ.) They took a really good hit recently, dropped about 2/3 . Is this a good or bad investment? any idea?


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